Tesla Charger QT Hotel Canberra


QT Hotel Canberra, 1 London Circuit, Canberra ACT ACT 2601 (Directions from | to)


+61 2 6247 6244


Gas Stations


1 Tesla Connector, up to 22kW. Available for patrons only. Self park.

Roadside Assistance

About Tesla Charger QT Hotel Canberra

The Tesla Charger at QT Hotel Canberra is a convenient and efficient way for Tesla owners to charge their vehicles while staying at the hotel. The charger is located in the hotel's secure and designated parking area, allowing guests to easily park their car and access the charging station without any hassle. The Tesla Charger provides up to 120 kW of power, enabling vehicles to charge quickly and efficiently. With this charging option available, Tesla drivers can confidently explore the beautiful sights of Canberra, knowing they have a reliable and convenient way to recharge their electric vehicle.

Last updated:

09 May 2024