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Starbucks Shop G/F Pacific Place


88 Queensway, Hong Kong., Pacific Place Shop 106, Shop 106, G/F, Pacific Place, Hong Kong (Directions from | to)



About Starbucks Shop G/F Pacific Place

Starbucks at 太古廣場106號 is located on the first floor of the mall and offers a cozy atmosphere for coffee lovers. The interior is designed with modern decor and comfortable seating areas, making it an ideal spot for relaxing or catching up with friends. The menu features a wide selection of coffee, tea, and specialty drinks, along with a variety of pastries and sandwiches. The staff is friendly and efficient, providing excellent service to customers. Overall, Starbucks at 太古廣場106號 delivers a delightful experience for coffee enthusiasts and is a great place to unwind and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Last updated:

10 Jun 2024