Subway Lane Yunle Road


Room 101-2 & 102-2,, No. 3, Lane 569,, Yunle Road, Minhang District, 201107 Shanghai (Directions from | to)


191 2137 0027




About Subway Lane Yunle Road

The Subway restaurant located at Room 101-2 & 102-2, No. 3, Lane 569, Yunle Road, Minhang District, Shanghai offers a convenient and delicious dining experience for both locals and visitors. Situated in a bustling area, this Subway outlet is known for its focus on creating made-to-order sandwiches using only the freshest ingredients and offering a diverse range of bread, fillings, and toppings. With its spacious and clean interior, friendly staff, and quick service, this Subway restaurant is an ideal spot for grabbing a satisfying, customizable meal on the go in the Minhang District of Shanghai.

Last updated:

05 Feb 2024
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