Subway QingTong Rd


No.175 QingTong Rd, 200120 Shanghai (Directions from | to)


021 5895 0218




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Mon-Sun: 07:00-22:00

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About Subway QingTong Rd

Subway at No. 175 QingTong Rd, located in the bustling city of Shanghai is a welcoming and spacious restaurant that offers a vast selection of fresh and healthy sandwiches made-to-order, including vegetarian options. The restaurant is spotless and well-maintained with polite and efficient staff members that provide excellent customer service. Customers can order from the menu or customize their sandwiches to their preference with a variety of bread, toppings, sauces, and sides to choose from. The restaurant also offers convenient takeaway options, making it a great option for busy individuals who are on the go. Overall, Subway at No. 175 QingTong Rd is an excellent choice for a quick and satisfying meal, whether it's for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Last updated:

05 Feb 2024
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