ARAL Gerresheimer Landstr.


Markus Marxen, Gerresheimer Landstr. 67, 40627 Düsseldorf (Directions from | to)


+49 211 201996



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About ARAL Gerresheimer Landstr.

The ARAL gas station situated at Gerresheimer Landstr. 67, Düsseldorf owned and operated by Markus Marxen is a convenient stop for motorists seeking to fuel up in the area. It offers a range of fuels including unleaded, diesel and premium. Additionally, the station has a well-stocked convenience store and a bakery section where customers can grab snacks, drinks or even a quick bite. The staff are friendly and efficient while the station is excellently maintained and provides ample parking space.

About ARAL

ARAL is a German petroleum company that specializes in producing and selling a range of fuels, lubricants, and services for both individual and commercial customers. It is owned by the multinational energy company BP and operates over 2,400 filling stations across Germany, offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service. ARAL is committed to sustainable practices and reducing its carbon footprint, with initiatives such as promoting electric vehicle charging and reducing waste in its operations. It has a strong focus on innovation and technology, constantly seeking new ways to enhance its products and improve the customer experience.

About Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf is a vibrant city located in the western region of Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia. The city is known for its up-and-coming art scene, world-renowned fashion industry and bustling nightlife. With a picturesque old town, the city is also home to numerous museums and galleries, as well as an impressive modern skyline. Düsseldorf is also known for its excellent shopping and dining options, boasting a diverse array of international cuisines. The city is accessible by a well-connected public transport system with links to the rest of the country and beyond, making it an ideal destination for both tourists and business travellers alike.

Last updated:

15 May 2023
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