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Coming Soon, Düsseldorf (Directions from | to)




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Target opening in Q1 2023. Timing and location subject to change. New locations added and timing updated quarterly

About Tesla Supercharger Coming Soon

The Tesla Supercharger at Coming Soon, Düsseldorf is a high-speed charging station designed specifically for Tesla vehicles. The station features a row of charging stalls with powerful chargers capable of providing up to 250 kW of power to each vehicle, allowing them to quickly recharge their battery packs and get back on the road in no time. The Düsseldorf location is strategically placed along popular travel routes and near major cities, making it easily accessible to Tesla owners who need to recharge their vehicles during long trips or daily commutes. Additionally, the station is located in a convenient and easily accessible area, with nearby amenities such as restaurants, shops, and restrooms, for a stress-free charging experience.

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09 May 2024