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Coffee Leipzig

Leipzig, Grimmaische Strasse 14
Mon-Fri: 07:00-21:00, Sat: 07:30-21:00, Sun: 07:30-20:30
Starbucks at Grimmaische Strasse 14, 4109 Leipzig offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to its customers. The interior boasts comfortable seating arrangements and a simple yet elegant design. The beverage menu includes a wide variety of options, including their signature coffee blends, flavorful teas, and delicious pastries. The staff is friendly, efficient, and always ready to offer recommendations or personalize your
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Leipzig Hauptbahnhof, Willy Brandt Platz 7
Mon-Fri: 05:00-20:30, Sat-Sun: 06:00-20:30
Starbucks at Leipzig Hauptbahnhof, Willy Brandt Platz 7, 4109 Leipzig is a cozy and inviting café conveniently located within the train station. The establishment features ample seating, free Wi-Fi, and a friendly staff who serve up an impressive array of coffee drinks, teas, sandwiches, and pastries. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing break from their travels while sipping on their favorite beverage
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