UPS Customer Center Cl Vial De San Jose


Clientes Sin Codigo, Cl Vial De San Jose 33-35, 07009 Palma De Mallorca (Directions from | to)


900 10 24 10



Mail & Shipping

Store hours

Mon-Fri: 09:00-20:00
Sat-Sun: Closed

Latest Drop off Times

Mon-Fri: 17:45 (Express), 17:00 (Standard), 17:45 (International)
Sat-Sun: -- (Express), -- (Standard), -- (International)

About UPS Customer Center Cl Vial De San Jose

The UPS Customer Center in Palma De Mallorca is located on Cl Vial De San Jose, which is a bustling street in the city. The center cater to Clients Sin Codigo, providing them with easy access to a range of services such as package delivery and pick-up, printing, and shipping supplies. The location is easily accessible by public transportation and is surrounded by a variety of shops and businesses, making it a convenient stop for customers on-the-go. With dedicated and professional staff, the UPS Customer Center at Cl Vial De San Jose aims to provide fast, reliable and quality services to its clients.

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Last updated:

05 Feb 2024
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