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DHL Locker Bakaliko


Box Now Locker 24/7 Bakaliko, Bakaliko, Parnithos ave 212, 163 72 Acharnes (Directions from | to)






Mail & Shipping

Store hours

Mon-Sun: Open 24 hours

Available Services

Disabled Access, Parking Available, Shipment Collection

Holidays Closed

Mon 24 Jun 2024

Shipment Limitations

60 x 45 x 36 CM, 20 KG (by piece)
5 pcs, 20 KG (by shipment)

About DHL Locker Bakaliko

The DHL Locker and Box Now Locker 24/7 Bakaliko is a convenient location for those looking for a secure and accessible way to send or receive packages in Acharnes. The locker is situated on Parnithos avenue, specifically at Bakaliko, a bustling area known for its selection of grocery stores, restaurants, and shops. This location is perfect for busy individuals who need to send or receive packages outside of regular business hours since the locker is accessible 24/7. Additionally, being in the heart of Acharnes makes it easily accessible by public transport or personal vehicle. Overall, DHL and Box Now provide a hassle-free solution for package delivery in the Acharnes area.

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Last updated:

09 May 2024