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Esso Via Scarfoglio


Esso Napoli, Via Scarfoglio, 80125 Napoli (CAM) (Directions from | to)




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About Esso Via Scarfoglio

Esso Napoli is a gas station located on Via Scarfoglio in Naples, Italy. This station is owned and operated by Esso and provides a range of fuel options to motorists including regular, premium, and diesel. In addition to fuel, the station also offers a convenience store and car wash services. The convenience store includes snacks, drinks, and other basic necessities. The station is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing motorists with reliable and convenient access to fuel and other services. Overall, Esso Napoli is a well-constructed and well-maintained gas station that provides a range of valuable services to motorists in the Naples area.

Last updated:

02 Oct 2023