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Subway Bldg


NEX Capodichino, Bldg 448, Naval Support Acitivity, 80144 Naples (CAM) (Directions from | to)


081 568 4287





Restaurant hours

Mon-Fri: 06:00-23:00
Sat-Sun: 08:00-22:00

About Subway Bldg

The Subway restaurant at NEX Capodichino, Bldg 448, Naval Support Activity in Naples, Italy is a great place to grab a fresh and delicious sandwich. With a variety of bread and meat options, as well as a selection of toppings, customers can customize their sandwich to their liking. The restaurant is clean and well-maintained, with friendly and efficient staff members who provide excellent customer service. Additionally, the restaurant offers a convenient location within the NEX shopping center, making it a great spot for a quick and satisfying meal.

Last updated:

09 May 2024