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About Athi River

Athi River is a bustling city located in the Machakos County of Kenya, known for its thriving industrial and commercial sectors. The city is home to several large factories, including cement, steel, and textile manufacturing plants. In addition, Athi River is a prime residential area, with numerous well-planned developments and modern housing estates. The city boasts of excellent infrastructure, with well-maintained roads, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers. Athi River is also home to a strong agricultural sector, providing fresh produce to local and international markets. With its strategic location and vibrant economy, Athi River is a great destination for investment, tourism, and living.

Top Gas Stations in Athi River... See all

Shell Sabaki Mombasa Rd outbound

Sabaki Service Station, Sabaki,
+254 716 861451
The Shell gas station located at Sabaki Service Station in Sabaki, Mombasa Rd outbound, Nairobi South-101 is a one-stop-shop for all your fueling and car maintenance needs. The station is easily accessible and offers high-quality Shell fuel products that are formulated

Shell Athi River Athi-Namanga rd

Athi River Service Station, Athi River,
+254 721 532661
The Shell gas station at Athi River Service Station is a convenient stop for motorists travelling along the Athi-Namanga road in Eastern Kenya. This fully equipped service center offers a variety of fuel options such as diesel, petrol, and kerosene, along

Shell Msa Rd Opposite maanzoni lodge

Maanzoni Service Station, Msa Rd Opposite maanzoni lodge
+254 726 961743
The Shell gas station at Maanzoni Service Station, located on Msa Rd Opposite Maanzoni Lodge in Eastern-100, is a well-maintained and convenient stop for all your fueling needs. The station offers a variety of fuel types, including regular and premium gasoline,

Shell Msa rd next to greenpark Estate

Mavoko Service Station, Msa rd next to greenpark Estate
+254 727 045468
The Shell gas station located at Mavoko Service Station on Msa rd next to Greenpark Estate in Eastern-622 is a fully equipped and convenient service station with a wide range of services and amenities available. In addition to top-quality fuel products,

Top Mail & Shipping Locations in Athi River... See all

DHL Milele Centre

Fargo Courier - Kitengela, Milele Centre
The DHL Service Point at Fargo Courier in Kitengela is conveniently located along the Nairobi-Namanga Highway in Athi River. The Milele Centre serves as the central hub for a range of courier services offered by Fargo Courier, one of the leading

DHL Total Petrol Station

Greyowl Systems Ltd, Total Petrol Station
The DHL Service Point located at Greyowl Systems Ltd is conveniently situated within the Total Petrol Station in Kitengela, Athi River. This location provides easy access for customers who need to send or receive DHL parcels or documents. The Total Petrol

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