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Tesla Supercharger Coming Soon (Closed?)

Location might be closed. Please call before visiting! You may also check other Tesla Supercharger locations below.


SeongnamPangyoSampyeong, Coming Soon, Seongnam (Directions from | to)




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Target opening in Q1 2023. Timing and location subject to change. New locations added and timing updated quarterly

About Tesla Supercharger Coming Soon

The Tesla Supercharger at SeongnamPangyoSampyeong, coming soon to Seongnam, will offer Tesla drivers fast and convenient charging access with its state-of-the-art technology. Located at a prime location, this charging station will feature numerous charging stalls equipped with the latest V3 Supercharger technology, which can add up to 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes. This Supercharger will also offer amenities such as restrooms and food options nearby, making it a perfect pit stop for long-distance travel. With its sleek design and superior capabilities, the Tesla Supercharger at SeongnamPangyoSampyeong will undoubtedly provide Tesla drivers with an unparalleled charging experience.

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Last updated:

15 Apr 2024