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DIOR Boutique Seoul Lotte Jamsil Men


300 Olympic-ro, 4F Lotte Avenue World Tower, Seoul-05551 (Directions from | to)






Fashion, Jewelry

Store hours

Mon-Thu: 10:30-20:00
Fri-Sun: 10:30-20:30

Boutique Categories

Men's Fashion

Pickup and Delivery Services

Delivery, In-Store Pickup

Boutique Languages

English, Korean

Payment Options

Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Visa

About DIOR Boutique Seoul Lotte Jamsil Men

The DIOR Boutique Seoul Lotte Jamsil Men is a sophisticated and elegant fashion destination located at 300 Olympic-ro, on the 4th floor of Lotte Avenue World Tower in the vibrant city of Seoul. Offering a luxurious and carefully curated collection of men's fashion, the boutique combines modernity with tradition, showcasing DIOR's iconic designs and high-quality craftsmanship. With its spacious and tastefully designed interior, the boutique provides an intimate and personalized shopping experience, where fashion enthusiasts can explore a wide range of clothing, accessories, and footwear from one of the world's most renowned luxury brands. Whether you are looking for a stylish suit, a chic casual ensemble, or the perfect accessory to complete your look, the DIOR Boutique Seoul Lotte Jamsil Men is a must-visit destination for fashion-forward individuals in Seoul.

Last updated:

09 May 2024