DHL Sapnyang-Ro Mulgeum-Eup


Gs25 Yangsanseutajeomvw565, 36,, Sapnyang-Ro,, Mulgeum-Eup, Yangsan-50611 (Directions from | to)





Mail & Shipping

Store hours

Mon-Sun: Open 24 hours

Available Services

Shipment Collection

Holidays Closed

Mon 25 Dec 2023, Mon 01 Jan 2024

Shipment Limitations

60 x 45 x 45 CM, 30 KG (by piece)
1 pcs, 30 KG (by shipment)

About DHL Sapnyang-Ro Mulgeum-Eup

DHL Service Point, Gs25 Yangsanseutajeomvw565 is a convenient location situated at Sapnyang-Ro, Mulgeum-Eup in Yangsan, South Korea. The service point is easily accessible by road, with ample parking space available. This location is ideal for customers who need to send or receive packages, documents or other courier items quickly and efficiently. The service point offers a range of DHL services including express and international shipping, courier delivery and pick-up, and parcel tracking. The staff are friendly, professional, and trained to provide exceptional customer service at all times. With its strategic location and excellent transport links, DHL Service Point, Gs25 Yangsanseutajeomvw565 is the perfect choice for all your courier needs.

About DHL

DHL is a global logistics company that offers a wide range of services including express shipping, freight transportation, and supply chain management. They operate in over 220 countries and territories worldwide, making them one of the largest logistics providers in the world. Their focus on innovation and technology has enabled them to offer efficient and reliable services to their customers. DHL is recognized for their commitment to sustainability, reducing carbon emissions, and improving their carbon footprint. As a trusted and respected brand, DHL is known for their exceptional customer service, high-quality standards and convenient solutions for shipping worldwide.

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About Busan

Busan is a bustling port city located in the southeastern region of South Korea. With a population of over 3.5 million, it is the second-largest city in the country. Known for its stunning beaches, delicious seafood, and vibrant culture, Busan offers visitors a unique blend of traditional and modern experiences. Some of the city's most popular attractions include the ornate Beomeosa temple, the beautiful Haeundae Beach, and the bustling Jagalchi Fish Market. Additionally, Busan hosts a variety of cultural events and festivals throughout the year, making it a lively and exciting destination for tourists and locals alike.

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27 Nov 2023
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