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NC Outlet Shinguro,, NC 아울렛 신구로, 152 구로중앙로, 구로구, 5f, 서울시-08292 (Directions from | to)





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About adidas Outlet Store Seoul

The adidas Outlet Store at NC Outlet Shinguro in Seoul, South Korea is a prime destination for savvy shoppers looking to score amazing deals on high-quality athletic wear and accessories. This spacious store is located on the 5th floor of the outlet mall and features a wide range of adidas footwear and apparel for men, women, and children. From running shoes and workout clothes to soccer gear and stylish sneakers, the adidas Outlet Store has something for everyone. With helpful staff, frequent sales, and a convenient location in the trendy Guro district, this store is a must-visit for anyone looking to upgrade their athletic wardrobe without breaking the bank.

About Adidas

Adidas is a multinational corporation that designs and manufactures sportswear, footwear, and accessories. Founded in Germany, it has become one of the most recognizable brands globally, known for its innovative design and quality products. Adidas sponsors some of the world's most popular athletes across multiple sports and has been committed to sustainability through its initiatives that aim to reduce environmental impact. The brand's iconic three-stripe logo has become synonymous with sport and style, making it a popular choice for athletes, influencers, and everyday consumers alike.

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About Seoul

Seoul is the bustling capital city of South Korea, located in the northwestern part of the country. Known for its vibrant modern cityscape and deep cultural roots, Seoul offers a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. With an extensive subway system, the city is easy to navigate and offers visitors a wealth of attractions including stunning historical landmarks, world-class museums, colorful street markets, and delicious cuisine. From the bustling streets of Gangnam to the ancient temples of Bukchon Hanok Village, this city has something for everyone.

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15 May 2023
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